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Trauma and the female body by Claire Lodge

Trauma and the female body

As a counsellor and psychotherapist I understand all too well the need to look after our bodies.  Generationally, historically and, unfortunately, currently, the female body remains in receipt of various forms of abuse whether it is implied by advertising, spoken verbally or administered physically by strangers or those who purport to love us.  

Neuroscience is showing the physical effects that this kind of trauma can have on us.  Whether it be growing up in a misogynist culture, rape, sexual abuse, sexual assault or being exposed to watching inappropriate material at too young an age, all of these experiences can result in what the traditional medical profession call M.U.S (medically unexplained symptoms).

These symptoms often have their roots in historical trauma and can present in our bodies as vulvodynia, vaginitis, vaginismus, anxiety, depression, panic and body dysmorphia etc.

The onslaught on the female form can leave us feeling ashamed about ourselves. We can be embarrassed about our bodies. We can be ashamed of our desires and our lack of desire.  We can be apologetic about our willingness, or not, to engage in sexual intimacy.  I haven’t even started on the taboo subject of the menopause either!

Despite all that our precious bodies are exposed to, some women still want to be able to enjoy sexual intimacy with a partner of their choice and, quite naturally, may need a little assistance.  This is where Into the Wylde can help in the most natural way.  Being organic and vegan, what else could we ask for to show our bodies that we care? 

If you need help, support or advice about how you respond to your body or others respond to it, if you feel anxious or suffer from depression or want to talk about what you have experienced you can contact me, Claire Lodge, here.

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