We make natural fem-care products that help you reawaken play

Kathie Bishop, founder of Into The Wylde

“I believe we should say it like it is. Intimate discomfort sucks. It’s unbearable. It causes shame and disconnection. You deserve to feel good, to reconnect, to break down the shame, and get back to your sensual self.”



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Hi, I’m Kathie, medical herbalist and founder of Into the Wylde. I developed Wylde One, our first intimate, sexual lube, to enhance our play and connection, even on days our intimate areas feel sensitive. Clean, ‘green’, without nasties, I designed her with you in mind.

We call it vegan – not because you eat it (though it is 97% organic and 99% plant based), but because there’s nothing animal tested in this lube so you can shimmy between the sheets as nature intended.

As a practicing medical herbalist specialising in vaginal health, I work with many women, and based on what I see, I wanted to create an intimate care product that is kind to our bodies, allowing for emotional and physical connection to our sensual selves.

I started with female physiology & ecology and worked up from there, using plant based extracts, all natural ingredients and elegant design to create what is best for you.

I started Into the Wylde to empower us to fully connect with our bodies and experience balanced intimate ecology.

Use Wylde One for solo play or connection with your partner(s) and Reawaken Play!

With love x

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I am a member of the British Herbal Medicine Association (BHMA) and of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH), the oldest professional body for medical herbalists in the UK.


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