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It’s Your Power Portal: Take Control of Your Vaginal health with Herbal and Holistic Care


Fed up with yet another intimate infection?

Your fanny’s on fire, you’ve ants in your pants and you just need to cool it, like NOW. Well, it’s time to become friends with your intimate ecology…’

It’s Your Power Portal is the ultimate ‘go to’ self-help handbook for all aspects of vaginal health and ecology. Medical herbalist Kathie Bishop draws on her passion for and clinical experience of helping women achieve vaginal health and comfort following chronic or recurrent issues.

Often a subject that causes shame, Kathie’s mission is not only to break down that taboo and normalise vaginal health, but also provide good solid information that everyone can draw on to understand and navigate this previously mysterious space. Using natural methods based on research, experience and tradition, this handbook aims to help in a variety of uncomfortable, but common, situations.Through doing so she helps women have a greater impact for good through creativity and leadership.

She covers all ages of female, from neonate to post menopausal, and the conditions commonly experienced at each stage, bringing in information from the newly advancing field of the vaginal microbiome mapping, as well as therapeutics commonly accessible to you and your family, how to find them, and the best ways to use them.

She is careful to point out when you should get yourself or a loved one to see a health professional, and also brings in women’s voices and experience to make this a truly rounded, accessible and useful compendium.

232 pages.

"The one book that women of all ages need to read – and keep as reference"
Lynne Franks OBE, Wise Woman, activist, mentor, author of The SEED Handbook
Reading Kathie Bishop’s It’s Your Power Portal is the equivalent of curling up on a Sunday afternoon with a calm and immensely well-informed best friend. From the very start of the book, you’re in good hands: anyone with a vagina of any kind will find something new in this accessible, sensitive and witty guide to vaginal health. More than that, though, it is a tender but insistent plea for greater (self)respect for – and understanding of – the vagina’s remarkable, often overlooked, power.”
Professor Emma Rees, Director of the Institute of Gender Studies, University of Chester, UK.
“For 25 years I’ve had the honour of working with women’s bodies and vaginas, and yet I read this book with great anticipation. It contains information I’ve always wanted to know about care of the vagina but haven’t found anywhere. The vagina relates to our womanhood, sexuality, menstruation/menopause, birthing, as well as our health and immunity. It’s a powerful portal with energy that can be cultivated to enhance our creative flow. With her book, Kathie has added a potent resource for us to finally know and care for this feminine portal within.”
Tami Lynn Kent, author of Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body, Mothering from Your Center, and Wild Creative
"Medical herbalist Kathie Bishop deserves a medal. This book walks the reader through all aspects of vaginal health and ecology. Her use of totally normal, understandable, non-medical English allowing the reader to relate to and understand the ins and outs of vaginal health and discomforts. We’d recommend you get yourself a copy of this and devour it from front to back.”
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