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On lube and the female body: Thoughts by a customer

lube and the female body

The following is a transcript of a voicemail left for us by one of our customers after using Wylde One for the first time. She speaks about, lube, the female body and empowerment. We wanted to transcribe it here (with her permission) because she says it better than we can:

“You’ve got an amazing brand and product and you’ve identified an area (natural products) that the larger brands are now trying to capitalise on with special edition versions, but yours is specifically designed with the female physiology in mind and its tailored to complement your anatomical needs. It’s true that so many lubes are designed poorly. Sure they feel slippery, but they feel so synthetic and do they do cause havoc in the body.

Traditional lubes, I hadn’t used any apart from KY for years because others stung me. I really resonated with your information about micro-abrasions – so that’s why they sting me! That’s why they’re painful! After you use them and you get a stinging feeling and that’s such a mood killer, and you feel like you need to carry on cos you’re in the middle of it, but actually I really don’t want to cos it’s really painful now. And I don’t have that at all with Wylde One. When I first opened it, I almost spilt some of it, cos I didn’t expect it to be so watery, but you’re right, it mimics what actual lubrication is actually like. Because natural lubrication is not like the constancy of most lubes – your natural lubrication doesn’t feel like cross-polymers basically, and yeah it feels a so much safer experience that actually helps you connect with your body. 

I think the issue is that women don’t actually realise that they need lube in their lives, and that they don’t realise at the time how everything inter-relates in the body firstly, but then also even if they use the older, mainstream lubes, it does cause problems, even if they don’t feel it. The vagina is such a sensitive area and its so reliant on having the acidic pH.

I also love that it smells natural too. When I was 15 I remember buying this Pina Colada lube and I got it in a multi-pack of tropical flavours, and thinking back now to my teenage brain I remember thinking ‘Christ, this is really plastic’ and it always felt a little bit odd using that in your intimate areas. I thought that, and my reaction was like ‘yeah but this will be really fun for the guy, this will make the experience more fun’ and thinking about it now, its so messed up isn’t it, cos it speaks to this attitude that women are conditioned with, to make the experience as fun as possible for the man, but why should should we need to use a product to make it more fun? The fun should come from you and your partner. You shouldn’t need weird liquids to make the experience more augmented in that way. The only augmentation should be to help you if you’re not lubricating the way you want to, which is what your product does.

Overall, the sense I get using your product is, yes its physically lovely to use, but its also quite an empowering product in that way, because it doesn’t try to put any bells and whistles on top of what the female body’s function is. It celebrates the fact that the female body is enough on its own and sometimes your vagina won’t co-operate, it won’t lubricate efficiently, for whatever reason that is, whether its dehydration, hormones or whatever, it doesn’t make you feel like you have to be flavoured like a cocktail to be enjoyable. It doesn’t make you think that your natural lubrication is inferior because its not like this viscous liquid that feels like liquid plastic. It doesn’t make you feel any of that so its actually quite an empowering product to use. Its not full of body wrecking chemicals and its just so nice. Your product is just so nice to use. I love it so much!”

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, and allowing us to share it here. If you’ve got any thoughts you’d like to share with us about your experiences with lube, sex, pleasure or Wylde One please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us x