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To spit or not to spit?

That’s certainly a question isn’t it, and maybe one you haven’t ever thought about. Using spit during s3x to help lubricate the situation seems like such a natural, commonplace thing to do (and its also often seen in porn) that maybe you’ve never questioned if it’s the best thing to do. It’s natural right, so it must be good (not everything that’s natural always equals good, but more about that another time)?

And the thing is, using spit can be ok. It depends on how resilient your vaginal microbiome is and how well that fits with the oral microbiome of your partner.

You see both our mouths and vaginas each have their own microbiomes – that is their own bacterial (and viral and fungal) colonies, with a make-up that is unique and very different from each other.  The microbiome of what, for the majority of people, would represent a healthy vaginal microbiome is populated by very different types of organisms than would make up a healthy oral biome, and sometimes its very easy to tip someone’s vaginal microbiome out, causing irritation, discomfort and can lead to things like thrush or BV.

And then let’s think about it if someone has a cold, or even a hint of a cold.. yeah, that.

This doesn’t rule out saliva contact with oral s3x, but with rather the aim is to avoid too many things that are going to disrupt your experience of pleasurable sex.

As mentioned before, some people have very resilient vaginal environments, meaning that this may well be fine for you, but for everyone else that would enjoy some extra lubrication it could be a good idea to use something thats been specifically designed for the purpose and for your body. Wylde One is there for that. With love x