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Thrush and the Hormone Cycle

Thrush and the hormone cycle

For some of us, the repeated occurrence of our thrush is cyclical and is linked to our menstrual cycles.  If this sounds like you, then this post has been written with you in mind.  However, if at first you don’t think this is relevant, read on because you might, just might, have some aha! moments…… Continue reading Thrush and the Hormone Cycle

The Peri Time Bomb by Lesley Salem

According to Dr Lisa Mosconi, there are 850 million women in the world going through perimenopause, right now.  Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of perimenopause. It’s a word that 40% of women are unfamiliar with, according to Over The Bloody Moon’s recent survey conducted with over 500 women in the UK. Strange, as this… Continue reading The Peri Time Bomb by Lesley Salem

The Molecules of Pleasure

This week let’s dive into look at the brain chemistry that is activated through sex and orgasm, which go some way to making it such a pleasurable experience. During sex the logical part of your brain becomes much less active and the pleasure hormones and neurotransmitters take much more of a front seat, meaning that… Continue reading The Molecules of Pleasure