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Let us count the ways

The Victorian poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet 43 started with the line: ‘How do I love thee? Let me count the ways’ and here at Into the Wylde we want to do just that. We are passionate about making life more comfortable for those with vulvas. In a world set with confusion about the right things to do for our intimate health it can very much feel like the the Wild West out here! And with that in mind, we’ve put together some suggestions for the best ways to use our award winning intimate lubricant, Wylde One.

Now, you may have gathered from previous posts that we are definitely not in favour of using products for the sake of it, or using products that move us away from what is natural for the intimate area in optimum health. Patriarchal discourse and under-funded research into intimate health in previous times have lead to some very strange ideas as to what is helpful for vulval comfort.

Day to day comfort – when dryness caused by a change in hormones (such as in menopause, pregnancy and post partum), medications (hello hayfever meds) or even dehydration (please please please hydrate yourself before buying any product) is going on, Wylde One can be used to provide day-to-day comfort. Just apply and go about your daily routine.

Intercourse – of course, as an intimate lubricant this is the initial reason we are here – because, as we always say, EVERYTHING IS ALWYS BETTER WITH (THE RIGHT) LUBRICANT. And what makes us the right lubricant? Check us out here. With pleasure x

If things feel irritated or just a bit ‘off’ – you know those days. You might feel a bit irritated post-coitally, feel a twinge or just a bit uncomfortable that day. You can use Wylde One topically to make things just flow a bit easier while you get your groove back.

Moisturiser – really similar to the first point, there are some products that specify themselves to be a vaginal moisturiser. We’ve had many emails and DMs over the last couple of years to ask whether Wylde One can be used in this way and we’re pleased to answer with a resounding yes..

And the last one for today is…. well, we don’t really know about using it as a hair gel or a primer. Although our ingredients are very skin friendly, Wylde One is formulated to an acidic pH which matches the the pH of the vaginal in health. Although the rest of the skin on the body is slightly acidic (around pH 5.5) the vagina is much more acidic – similar to that of a lemon’s acidity, at around pH 3.5-4.5, so we don’t particularly recommend it.  If your lube feels good on your face as primer then its probably not so ideal for your intimate areas ;). In which case, give us a go!

And there you have it! Loads of ways which Wylde One can be utilised in the best way for you! Have you got any favourites or different ways to use it?  Feel free to DM us on IG or email us to let us know!

In the meantime, stay Wylde, Wylde things x