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It’s Your Power Portal: Take Control of Your Vaginal Health with Herbal and Holistic Care

Hi there, Kathie here! My book It’s Your Power Portal: Take Control of Your Vaginal Health with Herbal and Holistic Care is being published by Aeon Books this month!!

When this photo was taken I was slap bang in the middle of writing Power Portal (not literally of course, I wrote it on a computer). If you’d asked me then how it would feel to have this book published, well, I’d have said I knew it would feel incredible, out of this world!

And now its landing! It’s real! And I can’t believe it! It really does feel incredible!! I can’t wait to get my sticky mitts on it at the end of the month! How about you?

My book is an invitation. I invite you to know more about vaginal health.  I wrote it to be accessible to all folk, people who identify as men, people who identify as women and those in between. Because I believe the more we know about the vagina and it’s health, the richer the world is.

Why? Because millions of women are suffering needlessly on the planet, throughout history and right now, because not enough is known about vaginal health. And that has and is directly disrupting our power, our creativity and our leadership.  And my goodness, the world needs more of that.

In it, I’ve included info on the physiology of neonatal vagina, the vagina in childhood, the pubescent, the vagina during the biologically fertile years, the neo- and trans vagina, the menopausal and post-menopausal vagina. I’ve gone into detail about the common and not-so-common conditions that can affect the vagina at all the stages of life. And I’ve given lots of things you can do to help yourself. Herbal medicine is the original democratic medicine and can be highly effective in this space. And I’ve also included when and where you should seek out further help, because sometime you really do need the expertise of a qualified and experienced practitioner (both natural health and allopathic) to help you.

I’ve been a bit cheeky, a bit political, and hopefully massively empowering and inclusive. I haven’t shied away from correct terminology, rather explained it so YOU have the power when talking to health providers about your body and health. Radical huh?!

And if you don’t identify as a women, this book is still for you. I invite you not to shy away. I invite you to learn more, and advocate for those with vaginas, for all those you love who have one. Invite you to be an ally. The vagina is SO much more than a birth canal and a sexual destination.

Women’s health has been marginalised for the whole of history. Vaginal health, the ultimate taboo, possibly most of all. I’m passionate about changing that up. Come join me.