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Festive Fanfare: How to get your intimate health back on track after the seasons greetings.

So you’ve had a great Christmas. Finally managed to get to see your nan, and had some great meet ups with your girlfriends and even hooked up with the one you’ve had your eye on. You ate ALL the mince pies, enjoyed mulled wine all December long and twixtmas was spent in a cheese and chocolate coma. 

And now, you are over it! And your vagina is taking the wrap.  Happy New Year!

At Into the Wylde we don’t subscribe to new year, new you – you’re perfect just the way you are!! Instead we’re here to give you some DIY tips you can use yourself if the festive fanfare has taken its toll on your intimate health.

First of all, even if you have a history of recurrent issues with your vagina and you are pretty sure you know what it is, always get a test.  Most chemists stock a simple test from a well known brand. Basically it’s a pH test, and can tell you if you are likely to have bacterial vaginosis (BV) or thrush. However, maybe you have neither. In this case you can also get swabs from your GP, which will let you know if they can detect if anything else is going on.

Quite often though these tests don’t detect anything in particular and we’re at a loss to know what’s going on.  It’s definitely not ‘in our heads’, but equally nothing can be found on testing.

This can be a super frustrating place to be. What should we do?

First thing to know is that, although there is no hard and fast research to show this, we can see from empirical experience and in practice that stress and changes in diet can affect vaginal health and comfort. Of course this doesn’t happen to everyone, but if this is you, please know you’re not alone.

Also its interesting that being intimate with a new partner can affect your intimate microbiome, as their’s, which is as unique to them as yours is to you, interacts with yours. This isn’t necessarily ‘bad’, just something to be aware of.

Here’s some tips you can try at home first to see if you can make things more comfortable before heading for more in-depth help if things feel off and testing shows nothing.

  1. Don’t panic. While you’re in discomfort and trying some of these remedies, use affirmations  to remind you that you will get your intimate health back on track.
  2. Try drinking Calendula/Marigold tea – 2-3 cups a day of this anti-fungal, skin healing tea would be a nice start.
  3. Try using Aloe vera gel topically on the vulval area to cool and calm. Slightly anti-fungal, keeping it in the fridge adds to the cooling relief it can bring.
  4. Try using Wylde One topically.  It has been formulated with herbs that have traditional use for intimate health and a pH that matches the vagina’s pH in health. It might just give the nudge needed to bring things back on track.
  5. Try taking a pro-biotic daily that has been formulated to help vaginal health, like Bio.Me Femme V from Invivo or Intimate Flora for Women by Optibac.

Please note, always try a patch test before applying something new to the skin. Also that we are not affiliated with any of the external links in this piece, we just know these are good products that may be suitable for your needs. Please always take professional advice before trying a new regime.

As always if things aren’t clearing up for you or feeling more comfortable in a few days, don’t suffer in silence. Please book into see a qualified health professional who knows what’s what when it comes to vaginal health, as they will have more tools at their disposal to help you get things comfy again.  Isn’t that better?!

If vaginal health is something you’re interested in please do check out Kathie’s book, It’s Your Power Portal, which is being published by Aeon Books in March 2022 for more in-depth information.  Available for pre-order now on Amazon and Aeon Books.