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The Condom Lowdown

The Condom Lowdown

We love it when you folks write in with questions for us and we’ve been getting a few queries in lately about condoms so its a perfect opportunity for a post about them!

One of the best ways to protect against STI, pregnancy and sharing your intimate ecology, at first glance we don’t think there’s much more to condoms other than using them. However, there’s a little more to them than meets the eye, so here’s a deeper dive.

Wylde One has been tested to ensure it’s compatible with the three main materials of condoms that are most commonly available (latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane). It’s really important to us that any product we produce is as good for us and the planet as possible and part of that is ensuring we are able to support safe sex and toy compatibility, and so that’s why we led with a water based lube first!

Condoms are used both as a means of barrier method birth control and as a protective measure against STDs and forms of protection like this have been used in some form or another since antiquity. The website British Condoms states that in general, condoms that have passed the government standards and are used correctly have only a 2% fail rate.

Rubber condoms came into their own in the mid 1800’s but before this chemically treated linen and animal intestines or bladders were used – not great for the vegans amongst us!

Thankfully things have moved on, seeing the invention of latex (which is a rubber suspended in water) in the 1920s. Today latex is the most commonly found form of condom, coming in different sizes, thicknesses and textures. However, for those who don’t like the smell or who are sensitive to latex, other materials such as polyisoprene and polyurethane exist.

But what about vegan condoms? For condoms to be considered vegan they need to ensure they are free of any animal testing and ingredients, such as casein. This may also help people who have contact allergy to dairy products!

Most condoms come pre-lubricated with a lubricant that is classified as a medical device. This means that they may come with lubricants that you may not be too thrilled to get in your most intimate places. However, this can always be topped up with one of your choice such as Wylde One! Something to also bear in mind that that they may also be lubricated with spermicide, or a lubricant designed to induce tingling (normally an irritant ingredient) or a flavour that may not suit your intimate ecology. As with all things the best thing to do is to do your research to make sure you are happy with what you’re about to use!

As you can imagine the basic design for the condom hasn’t changed much in years, and aside from the extra tingling and textured sensations and XL options that are available these days, the overall concept has stayed the same.  However, there are looking to be some innovations on the horizon following a call the Bill & Melinda gates Foundation put our in 2015 to find the next generation condom. They received over 800 entries and 11 were shortlisted as finalists.  See what you think about the ideas they came up with here.

Another innovation to hit the market in the last few years has been the introduction of a re-engineered condom by one manufacturer who looked to utilise the shape and strength of the hexagon to create very strong but very thin latex condoms!

And let’s not forget the Femidom! Less popular than the traditional condom, the Femidom is worn by a female partner as a barrier method of protection during penetration.

When looking for a condom for your own use you may want to consider things like whether to use a male or female condom, material, sizing, the level of protection you want, and what it is lubricated with (and any other chemicals involved) in conjunction how robust your vaginal ecology is.

We would always recommend using your favourite lubricant in addition, as adequate lubrication (with the right one) helps maintain a healthy intimate environment during intercourse and avoid opportunistic infections. And it feels better too!