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Clean, toxin-free, vulva-loving care (VLC)


Clean, toxin-free, vulva-loving care (VLC)


Clean, toxin-free, vulva-loving care (VLC)

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Reawaken your natural play with our
100% clean, herb & water-based lubricant

Reawaken your natural play with our 100% clean, herb & water-based lubricant

Our debut product, Wylde One, is a luxurious, certified vegan and organic botanical lubricant, designed to be actively beneficial for a healthy intimate environment. Made from five dynamic botanicals, it has an intimately balanced pH, is 100% plant based, and has a ‘body identical’ feel so you can connect with confidence, even when your climate down under isn’t wyldly happy.
What’s more, it’s condom-safe and nasties-free so now you can get down and dirty, safe in the knowledge that your lubricant is 100% clean.

Product Image of Intimate Lubricant from Into the Wylde


“I really love your product and it has made SUCH a difference to my sex life. I am post menopausal and until I found your product I was beginning to think that that part of my life was over, and feeling pretty depressed about it as well. But not now! Thank you for making it!!” – Val


“Just wanted to say I think your product is amazing! Everything I have ever tried has irritated me but this is just the best. Two very happy customers xx” – Lydia


“I absolutely love your product! For someone that takes time to warm up, I figured I’d need some aid, I don’t mess with artificial stuff so after some research I came across your website and I loved the set up of your webpage and the product’s description, felt very safe to purchase.

And I am super happy with the results! I love the bottle’s design and colours and texture! And the products itself too, feels super natural, I can’t even tell I used lube, my partner also loved it, I had no reaction whatsoever, I will definitely buy again and have already told a couple of friends about it.” – Anon


“Fantastic product. Smells great and feels great too. Will definitely re-buy when we run out.” – Maria


“I loved the product packaging and the classy green wrap. The product itself was as described, good consistency and not at all irritant to sensitive parts and inoffensive to the nose” – Anon


“Into the Wylde has given me an education on where I’ve been going wrong with lube choices and it’s a relief to find one that feels GREAT and doesn’t irritate” – Katie Thomas


“All I can say is that it works, it’s fun and it’s transformative. Thanks, but don’t tell anyone I told you so!! 😉” – Anon


“Into the Wylde is a smooth, long lasting lube that smells and feels great” – Katie


“It’s a really nice lube.. I chose it because its herbal with no chemicals. My partner and I both really like it, its non sticky with no overpowering odours. We bought 3 more tubes 😁” – Liz


“Not having sex can cause more vaginal dryness. I’m single so I decided to buy this wonderful lubricant to be able to pleasure myself with my dildo which I haven’t use in years. Thanks to this wonderful lubricant I had the most amazing multiorgasms with my dildo. I feel alive again – got all those wonderful hormones going that are so beneficial for our health. I will highly recommend this organic product.” – Nuri


“Into the Wylde is the answer to my dreams! The website is so informative which helped me to understand where I’ve been going wrong with lube choice. The consistency of Into the Wylde is smooth and silky, and it smells natural, like something that is safe to be applying to my vulva and vagina! The packaging is really fun and attractive. Amazing work Into the Wylde!” – Kate Hanson


“I have been recommending Into The Wylde lubrication in my clinic for a few months now. I find that with bacterial vaginosis type clients, where there might not be a lot of vaginal lubrication, even though they are premenopausal, it works really well. Out of all the pH balanced products on the market it is definitely my favourite.” – Kate Waters, Nutritional Therapist www.katewaters.co.uk


“Wylde One is a super smooth lube — it’s not sticky or gloopy, and there was no irritation to my skin whatsoever after use. Because it’s water-based it’s also not slimy and has been easy to clean up after use. I also love that it’s made with all-natural ingredients!” – Monica Karpinski – thefemedic.com


“Thanks for your lube samples. They are amazing, feels like silk and absolutely NO burning. I have struggled for years trying to find a suitable lube. Even lubes which state they are pure/organic cause burning and itching. Thank you for producing such an amazing product for women like myself who have highly sensitive skin.” – Kathy


“We tried the lube last night. We both loved it. It’s so amazing and feels just like your natural wetness. None sticky and I even feel it made me more sensitive. I’m in love.  I spoke with a friend about it today and I’m popping a sample to her…” – Amanda


“I’m nearing the end of my first bottle of Into The Wylde lube, and will be ordering more for sure. It’s the closest feel to my body’s own natural lubrication that I’ve ever found, and just a little bit lasts for ages. I swapped to body-and-earth friendly lubes a while ago but found they generally need topping up regularly – that’s not the case with this one. The smell and taste are subtle so don’t get in the way of all the wonderful natural scents and flavours going on during sex. I hadn’t thought my partner particularly noticed changes in lube brands but he commented that he really likes this one, for the reasons I’ve shared. It’s important to me that my pleasure doesn’t cost the Earth, so the fact it contains no animal ingredients and the packaging is eco-friendly is great. The non-slip textured feel to the tube is a genius idea – no more slipping out of lube-y fingers! I recommend this brand to all my clients.” – Ruth Ramsay, Erotic Empowerment Coach

“I’m so happy with your lovely Wylde One lubricant. It is a delight to use. It’s so light, non sticky and doesn’t dry out quickly. It also feels healing and soothing  for the mucous membranes. Well done for creating this lovely product!” – Beatriz Linhares, Medical Herbalist and Clinical Hypnotherapist

“It feels like silk (silk for one’s silk purse lol!) – amazing!!  My partner said the same thing.  There was no unnecessary friction, non-intrusive, no stickiness and it warmed up quite quickly too (v.important!).” – Female, 30s

Honestly, I love it. It’s so gentle, silky and long lasting. You’ve created a product that you must be so proud of. I can imagine it working really well in a clinical setting too.” Dr Elesha Vooght

Menopausal changes have caused me some anxiety around discomfort during intimacy. We’ve started using Wylde One routinely during sex. It feels natural and sexy. Happy intimacy is restored!  – Female

So we tried it last night, oh my goodness it’s amazing and the most natural feeling lube I’ve come across! I usually get a bit irritated after using lube but this is so lovely and gentle. My boyfriend loved it too 💕 so glad to have found you on here, what a lovely, thoughtful product 💕.” Lauren

“I got properly stuck into your lube over the weekend and I think it’s great! My favourite aspect about it is that it doesn’t leave a residue and really does feel similar to what naturally occurs there. My body reacts to lubes all the time and this one just seems to work well with my anatomy.”
Ffion – Founder of Fine Bone

“The lube’s lush!! Super smooth, non sticky, comfy and goes a long way!
I’ve met a lovely man, and the lube’s working wonders! Diolch!”
– Siwann, 40s

“We both really liked this. The packaging appeals to begin with as it’s not clinical nor seedy, it feels really classy and ‘me’. It also feels amazing, it’s not slimey and has a great texture, which contributed to it feeling a normal temperature and feeling really natural. Definitely fans here! 😃
– Jo – Founder of Women’s Health Matters

“The lube – f*ing amazing. I have had no reactions at all, (which is a first) and it feels sexy and we have gone out of our way to use it a few times. Big up!!”
– Rhiannon, 20s

“I love using this lube, it lasts as long as I need it, didn’t irritate, and doesn’t taste weird. It’s also the prettiest lube in town!”
Natasha – Founder of Forage Botanicals

“Lube works in different ways for different bodies and I am always sceptical. I saw this lube and noticed it was made from natural ingredients so I thought I would give it a go. My partner and I decided to test it out together, hoping that at least one of us would benefit from it… My god this lube has changed my mind. Within seconds we were panting with pleasure. with minimal stimulation from elsewhere. It was amazing, me and my partner had a really intense orgasm and it surprised us both. So worth it!”
– William, 20s

“Love the lube! Looking forward to trying it more during my cycle when things can get more snarky down there! It felt very soothing”
– Corinne, 30s

“A common problem with some of the lube you can buy is that over time it starts getting sticky or they have a strange taste. I am happy to let you know that this is not the case with this product! A small amount is all you need to get started and it’s usually enough for all your needs. With its unique blend of natural herbs it doesn’t get sticky and has a very pleasant smell and taste, adding even more passion into the love making.”
– Female, 20s

Wylde One lube is simply gorgeous & a pleasure to use! Not only is the texture delightful, but it feels safe and reassuring to know that it’s blended with healing organic herbs which are kind to your body as well as the environment.
-Fiona Morris, Herbalist at Nourish and Flourish

“Very good, a beautiful smooth consistency! Really kind on my skin. My partner and I enjoyed it very much x”
– Competition Winner, Female, 20s

Slippery rather than slimey – my kinda lube. Knowing it’s gentle on me as well as on the environment is a bonus.
– Maddie, 50s.

“I am very picky when it comes to lubes. My vagina often reacts negatively to anything I put on it other than water, which can be very uncomfortable and frustrating. This natural lube however was gentle and effective without being sticky. The best part – No bad reaction!”
– Kelly Johnson, 30s

I adore the long lasting silkiness of this lube, it makes everything glide so beautifully. And to know it’s PH and body balanced in every way, makes using it a carefree and delightfully profound & liberating experience!
Tabitha – Founder of The Ruby Glow.

“I found that Into the Wylde intimate lube helped increase my partner’s ability to enjoy intercourse which in turn helps me which will hopefully lead to us have an even more enjoyable sex life. I also like the fact that this product hasn’t been tested on animals and is free from harmful chemicals because none of us want to be putting nasty stuff on or near our genitals. I’d recommend this product to all.”
– Male, 40s.

NOT JUST FOR NOOKIE! I’m 57 and drying up a bit. It’s very uncomfortable day-to-day. Tried Into The Wylde’s Intimate Lubricant and melted! The relief was instant and long-lasting. Better yet, unlike other lube’s, it felt so gentle: nurturing, calming, bringing forward a sense of loving kindness right there, all through my tush. So lovely. – Jessamy, 50s.

“Into the Wylde lubricant is the first lube I have allowed myself to use. After much hesitation about using lubes (due to their nasty chemicals) I purchased a one by a well-known brand. It felt strange buying lube. Almost like I wasn’t allowed to. The packaging of sex goods is rather masculine and not very discreet. I opened it when I got home and truthfully wasn’t very impressed with what I was supposed to use near my vagina. This sticky, chemical smelling substance stayed on my hand. It didn’t feel very nice either, almost goopy. Needless to say I was sceptical about ever putting this near me. I have irritation (not an allergy) to condoms, they really dry me out down below but they are the form of contraception me and my partner are comfortable using. I wanted a lube to help comfort me and holding this well-known one in my hand.. I was unsure.
A few days later some samples of Into the Wylde landed in my lap. The packaging put me at ease straight away. It’s feminine, discreet and beautiful. I opened it up, and out came this silky, non smelly lubricant. It felt like a natural bodily fluid, if that makes sense. It’s not sticky, it’s silky. It does not smell, and it has no nasty chemicals.
I knew out of the two which one I would be using! I’m pleased to say that Into the Wylde did exactly what I wanted my lube to do for me. It kept me irritation free and provided me with a much more comfortable intimate experience. My vaginal skin is no longer sore from having sex thanks to this lubricant and it has urged me on to find more skin friendly condoms too.
Don’t just stick to the one leading brand because its all that’s heavily advertised, see what else is out there to suit you. I would 100% recommend using Into the Wylde.”
– Female, 20s.

Excellent consistency, not at all tacky or sticky or gunky, but very smooth and natural feeling. Actually didn’t really feel like we were using lube at all, just that everything was that bit smoother and slippier 😀.”
– Female, 40s.

“This lubricant is truly something wonderful, and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into its production. The texture is watery and deliciously light, the ingredients vegan, all natural and herbal, what’s not to love. Oh, and it makes the act of loving even more fun and exciting 🙂 I highly recommend this product to anyone!”
– Kristine – Founder of The Crafty Herbalist.

“I got properly stuck into your lube over the weekend and I think it’s great! My favourite aspect about it is that it doesn’t leave a residue and really does feel similar to what naturally occurs there. My body reacts to lubes all the time and this one just seems to work well with my anatomy”
– Ffion – Founder of Fine Bone

Passionately natural, totally organic, intimately Wylde

We’re all about the VLC at Into the Wylde – a space to connect with our bodies,
our needs, and care for our intimate sensitivities, naturally.
Into the Wylde products are herbal-based, totally organic and completely natural, because we
believe nature doesn’t need artificial extras to do its wonderful thing,
but a little VLC goes a long way.



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Get 10% off your first lube order when you sign up.

Be a Wylde thing.

Let’s get intimately acquainted!
We promise to send you regular VLC
and the occasional naughty pic.

Get 10% off your first lube order when you sign up.

Be a Wylde thing.

Get 10% off your first lube order when you sign up.

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