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What’s the deal with Glycerine?

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So, what’s the deal with C3H8O3? What’s all the fuss and why should you care?

Glycerine (also known as glycerol or glycerin) is a humectant, meaning that it draws water to it, a colourless and odourless sweet-tasting liquid. It exists in nature as the backbone to glycerides, which are a type of naturally occurring lipid (Human cholesterol has triglycerides in it for example).

It’s commonly used in cosmetics preparations due to its humectant properties and is is obtained by cleaving triglycerides by hydrolysis from a plant or animal source, such as soya beans, palm oil or tallow.

It’s a common ingredient in many commercial water-based intimate lubricants because of its tacky lubricating sensation and ‘slip’ that it gives (‘slip’ means the feeling it has on the skin).

So why did we actively choose not to have it in Wylde One? Well aside from its sustainability issues, glycerine being a humectant has a drying, hyperosmotic effect on mucous membranes (it draws water out of them) which encourages micro abrasions through the friction of intercourse. This can increase opportunities for infection in the area. In fact, it is well documented for its use in laxatives for its irritant effect on the anal mucosa. And we don’t want that for your intimate areas.

Also glycerine, although it is purported to have some anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in its own right, actually feeds opportunistic yeasts such as Candida, which is the main cause of thrush. Candida species live happily side-by-side your intimate microbiome in most vaginas. Due to the host of good bacterial present in your intimate microbiome, candida is kept under control the majority of time. However, the presence of glycerine down below can be enough to just tip the balance out, by introducing a major food source for those candida buds, allowing them to develop into thrush. And we really don’t want anything that is going to disrupt your natural balance like that.

Wylde One has been formulated with high quality, organic ingredients, with your anatomy and physiology in mind, to support your connection to yourself and your partner/s, allowing to concentrate on sensuality and connection, and reawaken play!


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  1. Thanks so much for explaining about Glycerine, I can fully understand why you didn’t want it in your wonderful product!

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