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What is my is my vaginal microbiome? Why is my vaginal health important? And what can I do about it?

There is plenty of stigma and shyness surrounding discussing vaginal and sexual health, but this can be really dangerous for women’s health – so we are here to help put a stop to this! 

Below are some of the reasons why your vaginal health is so important, as well as how you can take back control of your vaginal health. This is particularly important as the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) has noted that 84% of women with a vaginal imbalance are asymptomatic – so you may have no idea of your risk of long-term issues including BV, thrush, fertility complications, and cervical cancer! 

What determines my vaginal health? 

You are likely to have heard very little about the vaginal microbiome, despite the gut microbiome being a hot topic in many health magazines and current discussions. But yes, the vaginal microbiome is very real and can really influence your health far beyond the vagina. 

Every woman has a slightly different vaginal microbiome, but this generally consists of a unique combination of the following: 

The amount and types of each of these elements will vary, and determine your community state-type and consequently the health of your vaginal microbiome.

Why is my vaginal health important? 

  1. Cancer 
  1. Fertility
  1. IVF 
  1. Risk of disease 
  1. Risk of uncomfortable symptoms which include:
  1. Miscarriage 
  1. General health 
  1. Your children’s health 

Ok… but what can I do to improve my vaginal health! 


Source: Jessica Hobbis from ScreenMe. 

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