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Body positive jewellery. We love This Story jewellery

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Hello! My name is Anna Sweet and I’m the one-woman show behind This Story. A hand-made, ethical jewellery brand that focuses on female empowerment, socially conscious issues and telling your stories through jewellery. 

I’ve been making jewellery on and off for about 5 years now. However, I launched This Story about 18 months ago. Initially, when I was first teaching myself how to make jewellery I used to make a lot of gemstone, silver jewellery but my style and jewellery has changed a lot since then. A lot of my work focuses on feminism and inspiring confidence to wear what we want to wear. I love the female form and how beautiful our bodies are. My ‘Self-Love’ collection is built up of boobs, bodies, self- care messages and the newly launched ‘Wishful Thinking’ necklace which is a hand-sculpted, shiny, silver clitoris necklace. The collection ‘Self-Love’ was inspired by my own journey of battling self doubt, body image and misogyny that we are conditioned to believe. I wanted to create jewellery that reminded us daily of how powerful and magical we all are – especially women who have been made to mould into whatever fits into society at the time. 

I’ve always loved jewellery. ALWAYS! And it wasn’t just because it’s pretty or precious. I’ve always loved it because it ignites memories and stories in us all. I’m in love with story telling. That’s what has always captivated me the most about jewellery, the stories and journeys that come with it. That’s the foundation I used to build This Story. I wanted to create a brand that told peoples stories. So a lot of my work is custom jewellery, signet rings with meaningful drawings, words or numbers on. Necklaces commissioned by sisters, mothers, brothers that hold family messages. Anything you want on a piece of jewellery I will create it. Because every story is important and holds meaning. 

In between custom designs and a couple of collections of my own, I also collaborate with people that I admire and who I believe are putting positive and strong messages out into the world. 

Being kind to the planet is also a huge focus for me and my brand. Here’s what I do to ensure I continue to create an ethical brand: 

  1. Everything I make is in a sustainable workspace
  2. I don’t create huge batches and most items are made to order
  3. I reuse and recycle everything in my workspace
  4. I focus on using ethical gemstones and recycled/eco silver as much as possible.
  5. My packaging is also made from entirely recycled materials
  6. When using suppliers, I ensure I use other small companies based in the UK who hold the
    same values and ensure fair wages

There are always ways to improve and my aim is to make sure that by the end of 2020 I’m 100% sustainable. 

My vision for the future of my brand is to continue to celebrate individuality and uniqueness through story-telling jewellery, and to focus on collections that inspire positivity and empowerment. I love making jewellery and I’m so grateful to anyone that wants to be apart of the journey with me.