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The allure of garnet with Mozinah the Seer

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 Sex and… Endometriosis, Painful Bladder Syndrome, Ovarian Cysts, Low self esteem, Vaginismus, IBS, PCOS, PMDD…

Its an endless list. And for women with even just one of these problems, having sex and the thought of sex can be something that is anxiety inducing and difficult to come to terms with. Whilst there are many methods and techniques one can try to ease the burdens, including talking therapy, seeing a pelvic floor therapist and of course treatments for the conditions themselves, one method I find consistently interesting is the use of crystals in sex work.

Being “sexually challenged” doesn’t mean that we don’t want sex. More often than not, we really want to have sex and enjoy it! I have found that working with the energy centre-points in our body (known as the chakras) along with resonating crystals for those energy points has really helped me to balance the energy there, listen to my body in a completely different manner and help to ramp up my confidence and energy too! In this blog, I’m talking about the magic of Garnet. This crystal works with the energy of grounding us, enhancing our sexual energy, promotes pleasure, lust, desire and the energy of sex. So its perfect!

Working with the root chakra (the genital entrance) is vital if you want to gain entry in your body for sexual pleasure.  The root chakra hosts the energy of the physical world. It’s all the pathway to matings, procreation, physical desire, pleasure, lust, sex, the Underworld and the material world also. It grounds us, keeps rooted to mother earth and in a place of stability. In order for procreation to occur (which takes place in the sacral chakra) we need to gain entry into the root first, because that is essentially our sexual door to the building that hosts life (the womb). The energy of garnet can do this for you rather easily and very well. Meditation with garnet (or any crystal) is simple! Sit with a garnet in your hand (preferably placed over the genital area) and envision a lovely red glowing light there. Ask the garnet to send healing light to your root chakra. Ask your root chakra is there is any emotional blocks, or any physical ones. Listen to how your body responds. Can you feel any movement in your genital area? What can you see in your minds eye? Ask your genital area for permission to enter. If you get a no, then respect this. As by respecting you, you understand you. And this is so important! Make a mental note and journal them down later. Make these your meditation goals to work, and to help get to grips with your sacred entrance. By treating your sexual organs as their own entities, you can can understand what they are capable of and how to help them much more than just ignoring any pain for the sake of pleasure. Because let’s face it, your sexual experience will be much more exciting and enjoyable, if you work with what your body needs rather than against it.

The chakras and crystals resonate a very similar energy field and this has been proven scientifically. Colour is the closest thing to the chakra energy that we can understand, and the resonance of colour with crystals are the closest things that work well together in respect to the body. So working with a red crystal in your red area (in very basic terminology, there are other colours associated with this chakra but we will keep it simple) is essentially going to help heighten, revitalise and boost that centre point. Because the root is all about being grounded and feeling secure in yourself. If you can achieve that, you can apply this to your sex life and come up with new ways of working with your body you never thought possible.

Garnet in the bedroom: my top tip for a wild night!

Place a garnet on your bedside table, or underneath the bed. As you do, envision the crystal filling the room with a seductive energy. 

Pop a garnet on top of a condom and leave it there until you use it. Thank me later.

If you can find a piece small enough, put a garnet in your bra. As you place this near the heart chakra, it’s going to boost your sexual confidence and self love. It will also act as a magnet and make you truly irresistible!

Roll your garnet over your bedsheets. As you do this, utter a small chant of your choosing to bring in sexual energy. If you really want to up the anti, get some palo santo and light it. Wave the palo santo in a square covering all four corners of your bed, as you do this set your intentions for an earth shattering night of love making. Be sure to thank the universe, and ask that this only happen if mutually consented. And if you want to drive the person completely insane, use some jasmine oil or incense. It drives men crazy.

So get to your nearest crystal shop, grab a garnet, and try it out!

Any questions? Ask me over www.mozinahtheseer.co.uk