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Sex in your Senior Years

If talking about sexual pleasure and education full-stop wasn’t already too much of a difficult subject to broach for many, the ultimate must be talking about sexual pleasure in the senior years. Once a topic that would have been totally off the table, we at Into the Wylde, think this is such an important discussion to have because we are all about ethically breaking down taboos that have held back our full expression as consenting adults. Sex is a normal human activity, with many health benefits, and there’s nothing shameful in this.

With this in mind, recent research by OnePoll, that looked at the sex lives of 1200 people aged 60 and above. These is the ‘boomers’, the sex and rock’n’roll generation who haven’t been afraid to push the boundaries in the past.  And we’re here for it.

The survey found that many people continue to enjoy sex and intimacy well into their sixties and beyond. The stats it uncovered are really heartening:

48% feel more confident in their sexual relationships than ever before

19% feeling more confident at this time in their lives when they were younger

39% said that sex continues to be an important part of their relationships

45% said that they are much more at ease with sex and intimacy with the passing years and

22% describing themselves as much more at ease.

With these wonderful stats showing that there really is only the potential of much more to look forward to, it’s sad to see that of those surveyed 53% believe that society has a negative view of people at their age enjoying sex and intimacy.  Where here to be part of the conversation that changes that.

Tracey Cox, a sex and relationship expert, has written that “Sex and intimacy keep you young – and this is why campaigns like ‘Sex Never Gets Old’ are so important. Couples who have regular sex feel more connected to their partner and rate their relationship happiness much higher than couples who don’t. keeps us happy, it keeps us close, why on earth would we want to let sex or intimacy disappear from our lives?”

Wylde One is used by adult women of all ages and we’re really keen to foreground and normalise all under representations of consensual sexual pleasure. With love x