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The Unholy Trinity of the 3 Ss: Silence, Shame and Stigma.

Female sexuality has been plagued by a variety of conflicting messages over the centuries. Showing female sexuality is acceptable only if it is owned by an ‘other’ in someway, and re-packaged back to us. This has led to us interpreting our own feelings and sensations through the lens of what

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The Peri Time Bomb by Lesley Salem

According to Dr Lisa Mosconi, there are 850 million women in the world going through perimenopause, right now.  Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of perimenopause. It’s a word that 40% of women are unfamiliar with, according to Over The Bloody Moon’s recent survey conducted with over 500 women in

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Lie back and think of your intimate wellness

In the time of COVID, now more than ever we are thinking about our health, our immune systems, what food we put in our bodies and whats in our cosmetics. And thats understandable. The data about the benefits of pesticide-free and organic food are more widely known and spoken about than

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The Body Politics of Hair Removal by Emily Cripps

Our tentative steps into womanhood are seldom taken gladly. Puberty bursts into infancy like an unwelcome guest; an unpleasant acquaintance we know little about who has come to stay for the foreseeable and daunting future. This adverse reaction to our ripening bodies is not everybody’s experience but it is true

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