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Lie back and think of your intimate wellness

In the time of COVID, now more than ever we are thinking about our health, our immune systems, what food we put in our bodies and whats in our cosmetics. And thats understandable. The data about the benefits of pesticide-free and organic food are more widely known and spoken about than

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The Body Politics of Hair Removal by Emily Cripps

Our tentative steps into womanhood are seldom taken gladly. Puberty bursts into infancy like an unwelcome guest; an unpleasant acquaintance we know little about who has come to stay for the foreseeable and daunting future. This adverse reaction to our ripening bodies is not everybody’s experience but it is true

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Trauma and the female body by Claire Lodge

As a counsellor and psychotherapist I understand all too well the need to look after our bodies.  Generationally, historically and, unfortunately, currently, the female body remains in receipt of various forms of abuse whether it is implied by advertising, spoken verbally or administered physically by strangers or those who purport

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lube and the female body

On lube and the female body: Thoughts by a customer

The following is a transcript of a voicemail left for us by one of our customers after using Wylde One for the first time. She speaks about, lube, the female body and empowerment. We wanted to transcribe it here (with her permission) because she says it better than we can:

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