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The Molecules of Pleasure

This week let’s dive into look at the brain chemistry that is activated through sex and orgasm, which go some way to making it such a pleasurable experience. During sex the logical part of your brain becomes much less active and the pleasure hormones and neurotransmitters take much more of

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Sex after childbirth

Sex After Childbirth: A perspective by Jo Farren

I wanted to write a little bit about my experience of sex since becoming a mother. Now this is just my experience and of course everyone is different: in fact after three children I can say that each postpartum experience is different!  The first mention of sex is quite soon

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Trauma and the female body by Claire Lodge

As a counsellor and psychotherapist I understand all too well the need to look after our bodies.  Generationally, historically and, unfortunately, currently, the female body remains in receipt of various forms of abuse whether it is implied by advertising, spoken verbally or administered physically by strangers or those who purport

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