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All About Lactic Acid

If you’re anything like us and you keep an eye on what goes on in the world of intimate wellness, you may well be no stranger to lactic acid as an ingredient products designed for intimate use for a female-bodied person.

But why do we use it and what is its value?

Well, lactic acid is produced in the body in anaerobic, that is low oxygen, environments, mostly in muscle cells.  Most of us have heard of it in relation to exercise when it is produced by the muscles. In fact it is produced as a waste product by types of cells called fast-twitch muscle fibres that come into action when hard exercise demands our body produces energy in an oxygen poor environment. Lactic acid builds up in the muscles until it can be removed, and this is what can cause cramps after a burst of sprinting. As the name says lactic acid is an acid and creates an acidic environment.

Many other sites in the body produce lactic acid as a waste product, such as red blood cells and anaerobic bacteria that inhabit our microbiome.

In the vagina, the ‘good’ bacteria (lactobacilli) that characterise good vaginal health produce lactic acid as a by-product which keeps the vagina acidic (hello bleached pants), and it is this acid environment that keeps fungi and other less desirable bacterias in check.

And thats why we love lactic acid.

Lactic Acid appears in Wylde One to ensure that our pH matches and encourages your ideal pH. Our lactic acid comes from a natural process of fermentation of elements derived from maize, to ensure that plants reign supreme in your lube. With love x